Services & Prices

VISIT Travel Fee This covers fuel, insurance and down time servicing your requirements $15.00
FEE Scheduling Fee Applied to cover scheduling adjustments for last minute requests $10.00
TRAINING Training Package Four (4) lessons package for training your pet. $300.00
SANITATION Poop Scooping Poop scooping around your property or designated area. $15.00
FEE Add On A necessary fee to absorb the cost of adding special item or request $5.00
FEE Additional Pet This fee is required for each additional pet applied to a single service. $5.00
MEDICAL Administer medication Safe and proper administration of medication and/or injection $5.00
FEE After Hours Any service provided before 8:00 am or after 8:00 pm. $5.00
CONSULTATION Advice, Information, Meeting If formally requested - Hourly rate, minimum one hour. $45.00
TRAINING Dog Training Initial consultation $120.00
TRAINING Behavior modification program Comprehensive evaluation, training and consultation with the goal of improved behavior or expectations. $240.00
VISIT Drop off / Pick Up This involves travel, time, fuel & insurance. $20.00
FEE Handling Applied to any circumstance outside the normal scope of the agreed service. $5.00
FEE Holiday Surcharge Applied "per visit" for services requested during any holiday period. $10.00
VISIT Key Return Applied when a special trip is necessary to return a key $15.00
FEE Last Minute Consultation Applied to any circumstance when the customer requests a short post visit consultation expected to last less than 20 minutes. $35.00
MEDICAL Nails - DOGS Dog nail clipping necessary for safe & comfortable living $10.00
MEDICAL Nails - CATS Cat nail clipping necessary for safe & comfortable living $5.00
CUSTODY Overnight Taking your pet for overnight care and protection $85.00
VISIT Pet Taxi - ONE WAY Transporting your pet to a location of your choice in the service area. $20.00
VISIT Pet Taxi - ROUND TRIP Transporting your pet to a location of your choice in the service area AND returning your pet. $45.00
VISIT Regular Visit Brief check in at your home to service your pet properly according to species and instructions such as feeding, relief and safety. $30.00
TRAINING Private - Traning Private training lessons provided at a prearranged time and location of your choice within the service area. $80.00
FEE NO SHOW Any occurrence whereby an appointment is missed without any reasonable prior notice of any kind. $35.00