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Dogs of all ages can be trained

Scratch N' Sniff Pet Services, LLC

PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING (Dog tested and approved!) - We focus on building a foundation for a safe, happy, healthy relationship between families and pets. Dogs at any age can learn. Become the best owner you can be. Consider learning to communicate effectively with your pet. Our methods are science based and work with all breeds. We also help with other types of pets. Call or message today!
Experienced and Insured. WHY CHOOSE US?

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Photo & Carousel

Candid photos of the owner and the many dogs she has personally trained.

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Services & Prices

We offer the most competitive prices for a broad range of services. Competition is fierce so REGISTER for FREE and get access to all the services and valuable information we offer including FREE tips and tricks.

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Happy pets and owners in candid photo album.

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Tips & Tricks

Valuable information available exclusively to REGISTERED members of the Scratch N Sniff Club

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About Us

We are licensed and insured to do business in Connecticut. When deciding with whom to trust your pets, home and family it is important to have an introduction meeting ...

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